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Thursday 23 March- English 9


Research nutritional information, especially what teenagers need. What does a healthy diet include? What should be avoided? What nutrients are required? What are the best foods to meet those nutritional needs? Don’t focus on calories, instead focus on nutritional requirements.

Make a graphic showing what you’ve learned. You can use either Google Slides or Google Drawing, or some other graphics app.



Wednesday 22 March- English 9

Today we will be investigating restaurant reviews. Do a quick search for restaurant reviews. Find one that you want to work with. Follow the steps below.

  1. Read the review carefully. Maybe read it again.

  2. On your GoogleDoc in Classroom, outline or make an organizer that shows the structure of the review. Think about what pieces the author puts in what order.

  3. Find at least 7 biased/loaded words. For each, tell what the effect is on the reader and give an alternative that has the opposite effect.

When you are finished, work on yesterday’s task and/or Friday #24.

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