Tuesday 14 February- English 9

13 Feb

10 minutes to read/work on FW #19.

Learning Target– Identify similarities and differences between Homer’s Odyssey and a modern poem and a 19th century painting.

Original text- Purple book page 652/ White book chapter 11. 

Poetry connection (purple book page 655)- Suzanne Vega wrote the poem “Calypso” based on Homer’s story. This poem is told from Calypso’s point of view. How does the author of the poem transform the story of Odysseus and Calypso in her poem?

Venn diagram– What’s similar and what’s different? Why?

Art connection (purple book page 655)- Where is Calypso? Where is Odysseus? What is going through Calypso’s mind in this moment? What about Odysseus? What is the mood of the painting? Why?

Add to the Venn diagram. How is this similar and different to what we saw in the story? How is it similar/different from the poem we just read?

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