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Friday 10 February- AP Lang

Discussion. ICB part 2. For starters, why is this section so fragmented?

Read this article and the other ones linked. And remember to enjoy this time.

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Friday 10 February- English 9

Theme! Today we are talking about themes in The Odyssey. Start by listing several topics that Homer included in this piece. Now, for each topic, decide what his opinion on that topic was, which will get you towards theme.

Pds 1&4- Homeric Similes- Assignment is in Classroom. You will need a purple book to complete this.

Pds 2&8- In the white book (chapter 8), we will read about the Odysseus’ trip to the underworld and going past the Sirens. What is the theme in this section? What kind of leader is Odysseus?

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Thursday 9 February- English 9

New seats. These are your groups for the project. Make a banner for your team. Include a team name, a mascot, and group members names.

First, let’s look at some art. Romare Beardon did a series of collages based on The Odyssey.

Next, let’s go over the project. This is in Classroom, but I want everyone to look at this together. So, no screens right now.

Lastly, talk to your group about the book that you are reading. Discuss character and conflict in particular.