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Friday 3 February- English 9

Learning Target- Students will identify how artists transform original source material into new works.

Lotus Eaters– Today we will look at Homer’s original text of Odysseus’ encounter with the Lotus Eaters (page 658 in purple books and page 13 in the white books). We will then look at a poem and a song, both referencing this episode. Last, we will see how this story is retold in a piece of artwork by Romare Beardon.

Make a 4 box organizer and label each box: Homer’s Odyssey, Saturn’s “Lotus Eater”, Cave’s “Night of the Lotus Eaters”, Beardon’s “The Land of the Lotus Eaters”. In the box for Homer’s original piece, tell the moral or lesson that Homer was showing his audience. Also, explain why this was an important lesson. In the remaining boxes, list at least 4 things about the work and how it relates back to the original.

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