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11 January- English 9 (pds 1&4)

Today we are working with the analysis tecnhique called SOAPStone. You will see this several more times in high school. Here is a very quick video description.

Go to Classroom and pick up the assignment and handout for today.

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11 January- English 9 (pds 2&5)

Learning Target- Students will be able to identify tone and bias in nonfiction text. Students will be able to identify author’s diction choices that help shape the tone and bias of the text.

Group practice- Read the paragraph on page 172 that begins, “Chicken McNuggets…” After the first reading, what do you think is the author’s opinion of the product? Write it on your paper. Now go back and re-read the paragraph looking for evidence that proves the author’s bias. Write that on the paper also.

Individual practice- Read pages 139 (at the bottom) to page 144 in Chew on This. Using these questions, identify the author’s bias. Remember, bias is the author’s slant or feeling toward the subject.

Re-read the bottom paragraph on page 140. Rewrite THREE sentences of this with a bias in favor of General Mills.