Wednesday 4 January- English 9

03 Jan

Learning Target- Students will be able to identify tone and bias in nonfiction text. Students will be able to identify author’s diction choices that help shape the tone and bias of the text.

Finish up yesterday’s work. Then move on to the tasks below.

Group practice- Read the first paragraph of the article, “Dangers of Refined Sugar” After the first reading, what do you think is the author’s opinion of the product? Write it on the group’s paper. Now go back and read the first section of the article looking for evidence that proves the author’s bias. Add your findings to the group paper.

Individual practice- Choose ONE of the following articles to read and analyze.
White Poison
Sugar is Killing Us
Eating Too Much Added Sugar

Using these questions, identify the author’s bias. Remember, bias is the author’s slant or feeling toward the subject.

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