Friday 9 December- English 9

08 Dec

Today we will do the Paragraph Unsmashing activity located in Classroom. We will be looking for this in Friday #11, so make sure your paragraphs are correct.

Next, you will have time to finish up Friday #11 and begin on Friday #12.

Final Drafts- For turning in your final draft of the research paper, you will need to follow the instructions below. Make sure you do all steps!

  1. Open your rough draft. DO NOT delete the comments!

  2. Select all and copy.

  3. Open the file for final draft (in Classroom) and paste.

  4. Open your list of sources and copy the ones you used in your paper.

  5. Paste at the end of your paper on a new page titled Works Cited. Make sure to put the sources in alpha order according to the first word in the source entry.

  6. Make your revisions and edits before turning in for a final grade.

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