Monday 21 November- AP Lang

21 Nov

Don’t forget that you have an essay due tomorrow!  Also, for tomorrow bring an example of some kind of satire. There is also a reading in Classroom that you need to do for Monday.

Satire, Irony, and Humor Exercise- Write this in your notebook. The purpose of this exercise is to help hone your skills for identifying satire, irony, and humor.  Read each passage and identify elements of satire you find. Some passages may not have any. Once you have picked out the satirical passages, look for the clues that helped you to recognize the satire. Please note that I have included different levels of humor and irony in the selections.  Some of the passages, while not heavily satirical or ironic, may gently mock.

Terms to know for this unit

Satire Exaggeration Incongruity Reversal Parody
Horatian satire Juvenalian satire Imitation Burlesque Caricature
Bathos Reductio ad absurdum Irony Metonymy Synecdoche
Hyperbole Lampoon Litotes Farce Malapropism
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