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Tuesday 1 November- English 9

Today is Dia de los Muertos. Learn more about here and here.

Today we are in the computer lab 2-210 to work on the setting project. Use this time to begin creating your project. The directions are in Classroom.



Monday 31 October- English 9

Finishing up learning about diction. Soon you will be showing what you know about this.

Setting project- All information for this project is here. This can connect to Friday #7 which is also posted in Classroom.




Monday 31 October- AP Lang

Happy Halloween!

Last week we went Dumpster Diving with Lars Eighner. As a whole, what did you think of the piece? Did Eighner achieve his goal with this piece of writing? Before getting to your chosen excerpt, a quick discussion of some larger points of Eighner’s essay and a few of the questions you answered.

Next, choose one point of diction which both pieces (Bird and “Dumpster”) have in common and one point of syntax which both pieces have in common. Use the handout in Classroom to help you identify possibilities. Get up outta your chair and find someone to discuss this with for 5 minutes. Go sit down. Get up outta your chair again and find someone else to discuss this with for 5 minutes.

On your own, create a graphic showing your thinking about these pieces and their similarities of diction and syntax. The format is up to you. The requirement is that you have detailed examples and analysis of the examples. Turn in via Classroom.

This is the piece we will be working with tomorrow. If you have time, take a look at it. We will have a bit of time to read it at the beginning of class.



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