Wednesday 19 October- AP Lang

19 Oct

Today we will work with the sections titled Polaroids and Broccoli. Your task is to find examples of FIVE of the vocabulary terms. Write the example and a brief explanation on an index card and place it in the pocket chart. You might not find an example of every one of the terms, but there are lots to find.

MEA break homework- College applications! Your parents need you to finish these. Then, read some more in Bird by Bird. Pages 116-130 are optional. In that section Lamott discusses the mind games that our brains inflict upon us when we try to write.There is some strong language here and you are not required to read it. I do need you to read pages 133-150, 162-171. These are sections that I think are particularly helpful to the type of writing we will focus on in this class. Feel free to read any more of the book that you think is helpful. There is a good chapter on writer’s block also (176) and one on finding your unique voice (195).


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