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Wednesday 19 October- English 9

Put together the rough draft of the big paper. The paper requirements and directions are in Classroom. Use this workday to get stuff done!

Enjoy your time off!




Tuesday 18 October- AP Lang

  1. Writing warm up- Earliest lunch memory.Take it way back and think of lunch. Now write about it.

  2. Diction choices from this section. WHY does the author choose that/those particular words? How do they support her message?

  3. Vocabulary words- In the textbook, turn to page 52. Read the JFK Inaugural Address. Then read pages 54-59. You will need to know these words. Take note of the ones you are not sure of.

  4. For Wednesday- Read Polaroids (39) and Broccoli (110). Just read them. That’s it.

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Tuesday 18 October-English 9

Pds 1&4-
1. Writing workshop- Getting a start on the paper
2. Create some questions about the text.

Pds 2&5
1. View film.
2. Tomorrow we will work on putting the pieces together for the paper.