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Friday 9 Sept- English 9

Prereading Activities-

Begin reading “The Most Dangerous Game” on page 5 of the purple textbook. The story is also linked here and here on audio.

Make a characterization chart for Rainsford and Zaroff. Pay particular attention to characterization and plot events.

Last 10 minutes. Proofread and turn in Friday writing #1 today!

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Friday 9 Sept- AP Lang

  1. Watch a short video on the rhetorical triangle. Take a few notes as you go, and remember, you can always refer back to this resource. Use headphones if you are re-watching while others are working.

  2. Read “Bumper Sticker Bravado.” The text is linked here, posted in Classroom, and in the grey book on page 451. Options. Take notes focused on the rhetorical triangle. Think about what the author is saying about identity. What is his argument?

  3. Spend any remaining time looking for a column for Monday’s class.

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