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Thursday 8 Sept- English 9

Characterization mini-lesson– A critical part of a fiction writer’s job is to create well-rounded believable characters. Read the short excerpt on your table. Now, recreate this chart and fill in relevant details for your character. Finally write a short answer about the character by following the framework posted in Classroom.

Honors extension– Add a second trait with evidence and explanation OR add another example with explanation.

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Thursday 8 Sept- AP Lang

Hoffman- Shape Your Identity. Each group will answer two of these questions before we discuss. If your group finishes early, think/talk about the other ones.

Columnist assignment- This is in Classroom. Go get your iPad and take a look at it. You will need to bring an article to class on Monday. You can use either paper or digital text, and  you will be doing annotations.

What do you mean by annotations? Mini-lesson on digital annotations and group-share on what works and doesn’t work.

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