Wednesday 7 Sept- English 9

07 Sep


  • What’s this class all about? Please review the syllabus with your parents. It is also linked on the front page of the blog.

  • Community Building- This is a chance to learn a bit more about our class.

  • Go to 2-207 to get logged onto the computer system.  Log in to the computer system using your ID# and generic password. Then you will be asked to change passwords. Please read the screen to learn about the very specific criteria required.

  • Then go to Google and log in using your ID# and that same password. Example is below.

    Special Snowflake’s ID number is 5551234. She would log into Google using and her regular network password.

    Then go to Google Classroom and join our class. Our class codes are found on the home page of this blog. Make sure you join the correct class.

  • Assign Friday Writing #1. Each week we will write a short paper. It’s called Friday Writing. There is more information in this Google Doc. Please note– You will need to be logged into your school email to view this document. Read the document carefully and begin thinking about what you will write. This is due on (wait for it) Friday.


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