Wednesday 7 Sept- AP Lang

07 Sep
  1. Community Building- This is a chance to learn a bit more about our class.

  2. Grounding question- How do we end up to be such different people?

  3. Review the article “Shape Your Identity or it Will Shape You“. Pay careful attention to your annotations, especially as they pertain to your own journey to shape your identity. What is the author’s argument in this piece? How does he convince the reader of his point? Or does he? Discussion activity on this tomorrow.

  4. Go to 2-207 to get logged onto the computer system. You will need to change your password. Make sure you follow the directions about password complexity. Then go to Google Classroom and join our class.

    Our class code is sigx1jk (that’s a number 1 between the x and j).

  5. Write a short bio, due Friday 9 Sept. Please turn in on Classroom.

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