Friday 26 February- AP Lang

25 Feb

Synthesis question… It’s like the DBQ, kind of.

Go to Classroom and get the file posted today.

We will look at the structure of the question, analyze the sources and talk strategy for this question.

Read the essay prompt and sources carefully.

  • You must do all that the prompt tells you to do.

  • Remember to cite your sources, address the opposition, avoid fallacies in your arguments.

  •  Make sure that your reasons and evidence support your claim and that your warrants are sound and generally acceptable  to your audience.

  • Define anything that you feel the general audience might not know.

  • Use voice in your essay by drawing on your observations, experiences, and readings.

Refutation Model: Persuasive papers require proving your claim. That means you need to use reasoning to refute any opposing arguments and then show how your claim is best. Look a the following model and consider implementing it into your essays: 

Simple Four-Step Refutation=
Your argument (claim)
They Say
But I disagree

Don’t forget! Your social justice paper is due very soon. ICB part 3 is also due soon.

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