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Wednesday 17 February- English 9

Book Groups- Report out. Here are your directions. Answer the last question on your book discussion in the links below.

Pd. 2 Book Connections
Pd. 5 Book Connections
Pd. 7 Book Connections

Group PPT- From the Slides app, one person will create the Connections slides. Then, share that file with the rest of your group. Now, everyone can work on it at the same time. Please put the following information on the slides. You may work with the story of the Cyclops or the Lotus Eaters.

Slide 1- The class period and table number of your group along with the names of all group members.
Slide 2- Background about the section from Homer’s Odyssey (Cyclops or Lotus Eaters).
Slide 3- Connections between Homer’s Odyssey and something in  your books.
Slide 4- The Big So-What!  Why do authors/artists remix content from The Odyssey? Why is it important for people to understand The Odyssey.

When your presentation is finished, please turn it in via Classroom.

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Wednesday 17 February- English 10/11

Today, we start with Alex’s section titled “A Rice Sandwich” on page 43. After we read a bit, we will work on the project.

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