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Monday 1 February- AP Lang

Welcome to Semester 2!

Keeping- Columnist of choice, Google Classroom, revision opportunities, Dodds-esque grading, peer feedback

Losing- Turning in work WAY after it’s due, getting WAY off track in class

New- Timed writings, What I’m Reading,  longer books, research

Reading– You will be expected to read one essay a week. On a rotating basis, we will share out what we are reading. More about the logistics of this later.

Research– This quarter will feature a researched argument on some aspect of social justice. Skills assessed will include: evaluating sources, synthesizing multiple sources, MLA documentation, and argumentation.

Today– Spend some time reading the article linked above and searching ideas and articles. Fill out the form below by Thursday with the direction you think you might follow. If you log into Google on Safari, make sure you also log back out!


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Monday 1 February- English 9 (pds 5&7)

Welcome to second semester English 9! 


  1. Grading– Might as well get this out of the way now.

  2. Helpers- Students who were here last semester, please help the new kids.

  3. iPads- Norms and expectations.

  4. Friday writing- It’s every week, due Friday and expires on the Monday following the due date. Must be submitted via Google Classroom. Use the Google Classroom app on the iPads.

  5. Get iPads, join our class, and open your first assignment of the new semester.


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Monday 1 February- English 10/11

Today we will start reading our first class novel, The House on Mango Street. In this video, the author talks about the book and tells a bit of the background.

Flip through the book. What do you notice? After a few chapters, we will divide up the chapters. Each one of you will be responsible for teaching us your chosen chapter. Don’t worry. This will be very cool. You will get to decide what’s important and what’s essential for your classmates to know about this book.

Fill out the form to tell me what chapter you want to present to the class. You will need to log into Google on Safari. Make sure you LOG OUT after you’re done

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